Bits, Specks, Crumbs, Flecks

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Sink into a fault line of weird fiction, fantastic yarns and memoir stories of one of America’s most prolific, entertaining authors. Michael C. Keith shares guffaws, time travel, ghost stories, bacon-scented fantasies and stories about the Good Old Days in Bits Specks Crumbs Flecks, published by Vraeyda Literary.

Have you wondered what Dwarves dance about in the moonlight? What of returning to the Golden Years of the 1950’s? Do you enjoy stories of home towns seen through a whimsical, humorous lens? Want to know why the elderly revolted?

Author Michael C. Keith brings you with him back to the 50’s, on magical tours through parking lots, swerving around tales of spontaneous human combustion, through open windows and around the block a few times in Bits, Specks, Crumbs, Flecks, Vraeyda Literary’s newest Short Story Collection.

Filled with Keith’s clever and witty writing style, the short fiction in Bits, Specks, Crumbs, Flecks makes you laugh and think about the wonderful world we call home. And if you happen to find out what tastes like chicken in the process, that’s a fantastic bonus.