Insomnia 11

Insomnia 11 coverA gem of epigrammatic literature from MadHat Press.

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Here’s what readers are saying about Insomnia 11:

“Reading Michael Keith’s microfictions in Insomnia 11 is like sipping from a flask of unknown provenance: whether you think you’ve sampled a magic elixir offering eternal life or believe you might have been tricked into swallowing poison, the joke’s on you.” -Anon


“Michael Keith is one of America’s best short story writers. Insomnia 11 verifies that reputation. Like his other books, it takes you on fantasy rides and plops you onto reality, has you laughing until you wonder who it is you are really laughing at, takes you to the edge of a precipice and–surprise. Insomnia 11 is a perfect companion with which to escape the confines of the coronavirus.” -Robert Hilliard, author of Phillipa and The Greener Trees


“Keith has been channeling our angst in his brilliant collections of short (and shorter) stories for years now. Insomnia 11 takes the reader on a Kafka meets Philip K. Dick journey into the absurdity and cruelty of the age, but also, thank goodness, without moments of comic relief, belly laughs at the human condition. Keith has an uncanny narrative sense, and no one I have read aside from Lydia Davis is able to pack so much into such a compressed narrative. By all means–read it!” -NMGO


Insomnia 11 is the latest and best compilation of micros from the master storyteller Michael C. Keith. He brings us strange and bittersweet life vignettes–some impossibly fantastic; others, Homer Simpson “Doh!” moments ripped from everyday life. After consuming his words, you won’t feel cheated after putting down the book.” -Phillip Temples, author of Uncontacted Frontier and The Allston Variant


“Michael Keith has written over two dozen books of short stories, and I’ve enjoyed every one of them. Insomnia 11 is one of his very best. Each story is a finely-cut gem, reflecting what it is to be human with arch insight and humor. Each word has been chosen with exquisite care., each sentence written for maximum impact. I finished this book in one night, which is perhaps why he titled it “Insomnia.” Highly recommended.” -Alan Rosenspan


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