The Late Epiphany of a Low-Key Oracle

Cover image of "The Late Epiphany of a Low-Key Oracle"The Late Epiphany of a Low-Key Oracle is Michael C. Keith’s latest collection of microfiction. This book contains 188 mini-epics, each one beaming with quirky characters, oddball situations, and biting irony. Order from

Michael C. Keith is a champion of truth, a connoisseur of the absurd, a somewhat belindered student of human nature, and one of the undisputed masters of short fiction. —Rob Dinsmoor, author of Toxic Cookout and You’ll Never See it Coming

The Late Epiphany of a Low-Key Oracle by Michael C. Keith is filled with concise, insightful flash fiction that shines a light on our current era of paradoxes and contradiction. Take for example this story: “When Leon declared that no American restaurant could hold a candle to the Kuushuur served at the Khan Buuz Bistro in Ulanbataar, everyone argued the point.” Keith has the background and authority to regale us with tales that zero in like lasers to illuminate our lives. Like Lydia Davis, Keith combines credible dialogue with concrete details and surprising moves that have us by turns laughing and reflecting. The author of more than twenty books, Keith is someone you will want to add to your reading list this year.  —Ed Meek, author of Luck and Hight Tide