Everything Is Epic

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…a wife discovers her spouse does not always cry wolf, a son finds his father’s seemingly odd behavior is anything but, a raging sea delivers a young woman’s fantasy lover, an inexplicable event disrupts life on the planet, a long-perished civil rights activist saves a young man from humiliation, and visitors from another world wreak havoc by curing all earthly ills. These and other stories in Everything Is Epic continue the unique themes Michael C. Keith has established in previous books of acclaimed fiction.

“From the relentlessly restless imagination of Michael C. Keith comes his latest collection, Everything Is Epic. With his usual outrageous characters, poignant storylines, and exceptional writing, Keith has once again earned his place as one of our very favorite writers.” -Robin Statton, Boston Literary Magazine 

“Michael C. Keith is one of a handful of working writers who has the ability to locate the precise point of psychological discomfort in his characters. In fact, Keith works in a far more interesting genre — not books of terror or tedious stories of vampires and zombies, but stories of ordinary people whose lives are touched by what is fearsome and macabre, people like us who live, always, under the shadow of forces that undercut our complacency and show what life really is — a losing negotiation with chaos. -George Ovitt, author of  The Snowman